From the Depths/Next Victim Split LP

From the Depths have just released a split LP with Next Victim, the most haunting band in Poland. These new From the Depths songs are darker and fiercer than their debut album; the Next Victim tracks are at once hypnotic and heart-rending.

You can download the release in its entirety here for free, including lyrics and artwork. If you can, please make a donation to help cover recording and mastering, which cost From the Depths almost $1000 and a comparable amount to Next Victim.

Free MP3 Download [39mb] / Donate here.

The LP has been released in Europe by the famous Polish punk label Nikt Nic Nie Wie along with Zaraza Productions and Scream Records; it will be available in the US shortly through Stickfigure distribution.

To order copies of the split LP, contact Stickfigure, or Nikt Nic Nie Wie.



1. Let the Black Flag Fly
2. Last Transmission
3. Murderers
4. Marathon
5. Dirge
6. A Sante Caserio
7. Joan of Arc with Hair Aflame

Flash is apparently not available. You can download the sample track here.

From the Depths Germinate

Hearkening back to the days when anarcho-punk was characterized by bands as diverse as Crass, Chumbawumba, and Contropotere, the songs on this album combine d-beat power, slower and faster hardcore, harsh noise, and even a passage from a traditional Italian anarchist folk ballad. This is intense, defiant, dark music, but it is based in compelling melodies; you can scream these songs at the top of your lungs in a riot, but you could also sing them quietly to yourself in jail to maintain your spirits. Recorded at Mars Studio (known for recording Catharsis, Undying, and scores of more famous hardcore bands), “Germinate” comprises 7 songs in 36 minutes, an epic paean to self-determination and resistance. Includes complete PDF booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and all album artwork. Both MP3 & AAC files are encoded in DRM-free, high-quality 256kbit/s VBR.

Free MP3 Download [75mb]

Free AAC Download [77mb]

$10 . Physical CD . Add to Cart

Not sure about AAC vs. MP3? .zip files? Read more here.

We tried a new experiment with this release, making it available via online downloading. We’re hardly convinced that the internet is a positive thing for humanity, but we recognize that it is one of the primary ways people get music these days. In order to offset the tendency of internet downloading to separate music from the context that gives it meaning, the download includes all the lyrics, artwork, and liner notes; these can also be downloaded separately here.

The band paid $3100 to record the album, and mastering cost another several hundred dollars. Presuming that at least 1000 people are interested in the record, we requested that people donate $4 in return for downloading it. As soon as the recording and mastering expenses were covered, we made the downloading free; thus the donations people offered went towards making the music free for everyone. Donations are still welcome now, of course, as a way to help the band cover its other expenses—including maintaining this website.

We recognize that not everyone has the means to donate money or download music via the internet. From the Depths is also selling a CD version on a sliding scale, and Stickfigure distribution has copies of the LP version. Ideally, everything would be free; unfortunately, until there is a revolution, recording will cost money.

From the Depths was formed at the beginning of 2008 by members of Catharsis, Requiem, Network of Terror, Auryn, and Balaclava. Traveling in a van donated by Winona’s Really Really Free Market after their vegetable-oil-powered truck died mid-tour, they performed for fellow demonstrators outside the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions; they’ve also played benefit shows for RNC arrestees,Green Scare defendants, besieged social centers in Europe, and other prisoners in the anticapitalist struggle.