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Joan of Arc with Hair Aflame

In the eyes of our judges and jailers
We are just so much meat to be caged
In the hands of rulers and rapists
We are heretics at the stake
Smoke and cinders to the sky
Our burning bodies form a trail
Across centuries of darkness
Like a comet’s blazing tail

And the sisters of mercy
And the angel of death
Avert their eyes and await your fate
Impersonal, indifferent
A moment to endure
All that you never were
And now never will be
Joan of Arc with hair aflame

And they gather to witness your disgrace
The masses fatten on the martyrdom of the ones they hailed as saints
They eat your flesh and drink your blood
Your blood

The ashes of witches and warriors
Settle into the brutalized soil
And the seeds of new revolutions
Germinate where the last were destroyed
Across centuries of darkness
We can already see from here
The sun on the horizon
Of a new dawn

But tonight in your cell
Shivering and alone
Heaven and hell seem much closer
Than new worlds to come
No triumph, no glory
Could avenge or redeem
All that dies with you
Joan of Arc with hair aflame